natural-link-buildingLink building campaigns usually start with the explanation of what natural link portfolios comprise. It should be noted that there is no easy answer to the question, because there are specifics with the keywords to be used for the optimization. Generally, there are several aspects of link building to be explored to create a portfolio.

Anchor Text – Natural and Branded

The first link portfolio area is the area of the anchor text for the links that already exist. The balance of keyword driven anchor text, natural anchor text and branded anchor text should be optimal. If a website contains enough anchor text with exact match keywords, but there is not enough branded or natural text, the site will look suspicious to search engines. On the other hand, if the amount of branded anchor text is enough, containing some partial match, and no links to anchor text, the website looks more natural.

Deep Page Links

The link distribution around the website should also be considered. The criterion should be the number of links to the home page as compared to the links to deeper pages. If the number of links leading to the home page is too high, and the other pages have few links leading to them, it makes a site seem unnatural, and search engines will immediately see a red flag there. The more natural type of website contains not only a host of links to its home page, but also a good number of links to deeper pages.

Linking Root Domains Should Not Be Overdone

The too large number of links from unique root domains can lead to penalties, or to being dropped from search engine indexes, as such websites will be classified as spam.

Links Provided From Unique IP Addresses

Links are regarded by search engines as votes. Thus the number of links provided from unique IP addresses is favorable. There is, however, a principle to be observed: when a large number of links comes from the same IP address, which again raises a red flag.

Links Coming From Trusted Sites

Links coming from trusted websites are also important. Suffice it to study some of the reputable industry websites.

Link Diversity

Link diversity means that there are links of different types, such as links provided from news directories, blogs, well known news hubs, to mention just a few. However, the diversity should not be excessive, as that would make a website with too high link diversity, without a hood balance among different link types, seem unnatural.

No Follow Links

The building of no follow links is inevitable to some extent. To build a well balanced portfolio of links, both do follow links and links of the no follow type should be built. Moreover, if there are next to no, or not at all, no follow links, search engines regard such websites as suspicious.

Image Links

Image links are another component needed to build natural links. They should exist together with text links, to form natural link portfolios.

The Bottom Line

When the website backlink profile contains a balance of links from the areas outlined above, that is guarantee that the site will be regarded as natural. Webmasters undertake link building in conformity with the above requirements, to achieve sites that score well in search engine rankings.